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...and I am the granddaughter of Kate and Lorraine. One night, I found myself explaining my grandmothers to a friend. As I was explaining, I thought "Man – I wish there was a brand – a store – a place - where I could go to feel the magic that my grandmothers created in their homes." There is just so much beauty, witchcraft, spunk, design-delight and storied treasure within these two personalities, and I decided that someone has to tell their treasured stories.


So here we are. I’ve started expressing their stories through creative projects like blogging about the ‘magic of home’ and refinishing furniture with a touch

of whimsy and soul. This site is where you’ll find my inspired creativity:
sparked by my grandmothers, Kate and Lorraine.



is a maker

Think: Uber-talented-Martha Stewart-level-perfection in all things design, arts & crafts, entertaining and cooking. Kate is on trend. Kate is a talker. Kate is Air and Fire. Kate is spunky and dynamic and restless. You can’t keep up. Kate is shiny jewelry, a quick wit, and curling irons. Kate evokes action, wallpaper paste, bolts of fabric, knitting, needle work, cookbooks, canvas and paints, a glass of wine and the Tonight Show.

Pop Culture vibes.


is a teacher

Think: Alice-in-Wonderland meets Virginia Woolf meets Charlotte’s Web. Lorraine is classic, evergreen. Lorraine is a listener. Lorraine is Earth and Water. Lorraine is a bit dreamy yet calm and grounded. A mysterious depth. Lorraine is bare feet, an easy laugh, and all-natural swept-back hair. Lorraine evokes nature, books, crystals, imagination and wonder, piano music and a fireside game of scrabble. Hippie-Librarian vibes.

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