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A sketch of one of our magic houses - from my daughter

This is a blog about the Magic of Houses.

This is the twenty-first blog post of the blog about the Magic of Houses.

Each month, for four months now, I've published (a minimum of) four posts. Each of the four posts represents a character that contributes to the Magic of Houses: The first post evokes the essence of Cinderella. The second post evokes the essence of Kate. The third post evokes the essence of Lorraine, and the fourth post evokes the essence of the Hobbit.

Referred to as 'the Golden House' by my youngest

Most of you know the drill by now. If you're new here, just click on each of the characters' links above and you will be up to speed.

Today's post, however, is a very special post because it is the rare FIFTH post within a month. And this month's theme happens to be 'Reflection'. And so. This post is obviously meant to be a time for me to pause and reflect on my blog about the Magic of Houses. Blog interrupted.

Okay. First thing's first. Let's reflect on the blog's intention. The intention I had set for this blog was to serve as a creative outlet and create a discipline for me to invest routine time and energy into my Authentic Code.

What the heck is an Authentic Code.

As I mentioned in my very first blog post, I've always been a scattered little bug flitting about and buzzing about and hovering around and near the mad love for all-things HOUSES. And sure, I've always had my toe dipped in, but I never ever really DOVE IN the way I wanted to dive into the mad love of houses head first, and I never have known WHAT TO DO with all that love anyway (!?!?) It has been nagging at me for many decades.

Enter: Authentic Code.

I learned of the term 'Authentic Code' from a woman named Lacy Phillips and her amazing company called 'To Be Magnetic'. Her work helps lost people like me sift through all the god forsaken dust that has built up (over the years) on their brains and in their hearts (leaving them feeling confused and dusty and glum). One of the most profound exercises within her work is the exercise of uncovering your Authentic Code. Lacy credits the book, "The Values Factor" by Dr. John Demartini for the concept. You spend roughly 15-20 minutes answering ten questions that help you see your authentic self very clearly. After answering the ten questions, you look for the 4 items that continue to pop up. There is always a pattern. Those 4 items that continue to pop up are the Four Pillars of your authentic code.

I completed the Authentic Code exercise nine months ago.

The Four Pillars of my Authentic Code are:

  1. The Magic of Houses (Harnessing the Power of Home & Design Delight)

  2. Spirituality and Healing

  3. Keys to Growth & Thriving

  4. Being Heard (Writing, Speaking, Teaching

After you write down the 4 pillars of your authentic code, you take a look at your life. You reflect. You take inventory of how you've been spending your days - your weeks - your years. You get honest about what areas of your life are out of alignment with your Code.

The idea of the authentic code is that if you're true to your four pillars, you'll be feeling fulfilled and satisfied and living your life's purpose. If you find you're a bit off-track, it's okay. I believe that there is no mis-step in life. If you're off your path, you're learning lessons that will serve you once you're back on track. And sometimes, like in my experience, we hop AROUND the path, if not ON the path, for many years - dawdling along the edge and kind of following - but not all the time.

I've known for a long time that I wasn't quite on my path. I've always been able to look around at my family members and friends and feel envious of all the people I know that are living their authentic code. I've flirted with my path, but I've always been really scared of it. I can't explain why that is. At the outset, I guess I was just clueless. Then, after swimming in adulthood for a while, I was still off track but I needed to make money! I needed to wash that floor! I needed to paint that wall! I needed to read that self-help book! I needed to flip through that design magazine! (Ahhh, a pattern :) Maybe I haven't been so far off the track after all ;) )

But still. I couldn't - I wouldn't - dive in whole heartedly. I mean - what the hell is "The Magic of Houses"??? How is that going to support my family??? My throat would tighten at the thought of it.

(Well now - we can probably all think of lots of ways you can monetize "The Magic of Houses". Think: Martha Stewart, just for starters. Hello.)

But - it's okay. I couldn't hear the call. I was busy. With other stuff.

But now, I'm not SO busy. The kids continue to grow and become more independent and fly the nest, and my days are quieter. Surprisingly, in this past year, there were a couple moments of ........


moments of ......


...... moments of .......

......................................................... nothing.

Moments of nothing.

And even more surprising, I didn't feel the urge to fill those moments with anything.

Moments. Moments that I could truly witness. Moments of nothing.

I looked around. And what did I see? I saw a whole lotta books and magazines I've collected over the years about, for lack of a better term, 'The Magic of Houses'. And then THAT WAS IT. Exasperation. "Divine Discomfort" grabbed ahold of my throat and wouldn't let go until I did something brave and took a step toward my authentic code.

Lorraine's magic house

Very bravely, I turned to my daughter (HA-HA-HA! but it was a start) and I said, "I need to do something related to HOUSES."

She said, "OH! Yes, Okay! I can help you! The first thing we'll do is make you a website."


(Be Brave.) "Okay! Yes! Let's make a website!" (NO IDEA what is going on that website.) But then, one thing leads to another and it just tumbles out.

Lorraine's magic house

I didn't know what to do with the website, so I committed to writing a blog. I committed to publishing one blog post each Tuesday for one year. And honest-to-God, I didn't even have a shape to the blog until a couple weeks before the first post. The four characters showed up just in time, and I dove in. I'm still fumbling around in the dark, but I see glimmers of light around the doors and windows. I see Cinderella, the Hobbit, Kate, and Lorraine waving to me from the next room. They continue to guide me from one blog post to the next.

And it's right. It feels 100% right. I don't know where this leads, but I know I'm on my path. I'm remaining true to the blog's intention. I feel the good energy in my body every time I'm writing. And I get a little teary and a lump in my throat every Tuesday morning when I hit the "Publish" button. Because I'm proud of myself. This was terrifying at first, and it's still a little scary sometimes, but I've come so far in only four months!

I have a note taped to the wall in front of my desk that lists my authentic code and at the bottom of the note it says, "WALK THROUGH THE FEAR". And I can't believe all the support. People I haven't heard from in forever sending me long text messages about what the blog means to them, and calling me and leaving comments here on the blog* (or through my mom (!) ya'll are so cute!) - and even people I've just met saying amazing words that are so heartfelt I can barely look them in the eye and receive their words.

(*I'm sorry I still haven't figured out how to reply to your comments! It's very strange!)

Thank you. I will continue walking this path. Thank you for walking with me. I'm so excited. We've only just begun.

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