Does Cinderella ever just set down the broom, grab her flip-flops, and head to the nearest body of water with a good summer read in her beach bag? Or is Cinderella always working on cleaning, clearing and cleansing?

I don’t think this is an either-or question. I bet Cinderella knows that in order to keep things clean and clear in her life, she needs utterly lazy days. And July is just the month for it.

July is the month when my workaday lifestyle takes a break. Even though school ended a couple weeks ago, there is always the busy getting-ready-for summertime time. I take inventory of the house and run around gathering summer supplies: pool floaties (none survived the winter without a leak); summer footwear (where’s the other black sandal?); wait HANG ON my feet look awful: nail polish, foot cream, pumice stone; sunglasses, sun hats, sunscreen, aloe gel, bug spray, citronella, anti-itch cream, band-aids; replace the stack of snowpants with the stack of swim towels; wash all the swim towels; stock up on paper plates and pool-friendly plastic cups; does that teenager still have flannel sheets on his bed????; wash sheets and change out bedding; replace heavy winter tablecloths with light summery tablecloths; wash the outdoor umbrellas and outdoor furniture and replace the cushions; get everyone situated at their new summer program, summer camp or summer job … you get the idea.

That’s June.

But July.

July waits for us all year in the recesses of our minds. July is a gift. July is the month when even Cinderella can relax. And Cinderella does relax. She knows that if you never relax you’ll never clear your head, and if your head is never clear, you can never truly reflect. If you never truly reflect, you just run around in circles your whole damn life without meaning or purpose or maybe even without enjoyment.

Reflection is key.

Remember Cinderella’s blog post back in May about intention? Let’s revisit our intention today. We set the intention only eight weeks ago, but it feels like an eternity. A lot can happen in eight weeks. Is that still the right intention for you and your home this next year? Or do you want to shift it a bit? Or are you doing great with it as is? Or had you completely forgotten about it already???

Let’s take today to reflect. This is a two-fold exercise.

1. Go back and look at your intention from eight weeks ago.

2. Head to your most-used mirror in the house and reflect on your intention while you clean the mirror. (Sorry! - Yes, we do have to clean ONE THING today - this is the Cinderella post, people!) (Also - Cinderella recommends you skip the glass cleaner and just use water to clean your mirrors – it works just the same. All you need is a damp cloth and a dry cloth. Wipe the mirror with the damp cloth followed by the dry cloth. Wah-Lah!)

Okay! Now you have a sparkling clean mirror, and you can see your reflection clearly. What is s/he reflecting back to you? Feeling good? Feeling tired? Feeling happy? Feeling frustrated? Feeling stuck? Feeling proud? Grab the first thought that pops into your head as your reflection peers back at you. Just grab that thought and put it in your pocket along with the intention you set eight weeks ago. Now put down your cleaning cloth, pick up your beach bag and spend the rest of July relaxing and reflecting. Does your intention pair up nicely with what your reflection told you today? Why or why not? You get to ponder this in a very lazy way all month. We’ll revisit this with the Hobbit at the end of July. Until then, take a deep breath and relax. You've earned it. July has arrived. 😊

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