Safer at Home

It’s not lost on me that I'm launching this blog about the magic of houses at a time when the entire country has been ordered to “Shelter in Place” during an unprecedented global pandemic. This was not planned – meaning, this blog is not a reaction to our time of quarantine. I’ve been planning to activate the blog during Springtime for many months now, back when the word ‘Corona’ still evoked an image of me basking on a warm beach with a Mexican beer.


But here we are, sheltering in place and safer at home. My husband, teenage kids and I all fighting for the same internet bandwidth to meet our online school and work-from-home needs as these days of social distancing blur together. Is it Wednesday today? I have no effing idea.

However! Here we are! In the magic of our homes!

This text from a friend summed it up beautifully:

“Home is a nice place to be. Simpler life.” When our world seems to be spinning out of control, what soothes you? For me it’s achieving my own sense of control over the small details in my home. Yes, that includes the new routine of sanitizing all the little often-touched surfaces around the house. And yes, it includes the space we’ve carved out for our “quarantine activities” like the card table designated for the puzzle of week; the basket placed in a corner of the living room with all the things you need for collage making; and the big round tray filled with coloring books and colored pencils. All snuggled into the little pockets of the home ready to inspire, ready to soothe and ready to heal.

We’re safe at home.

p.s. Yes, that’s a group of Christmas trees that we brought back into the living room to bring us quarantine-time comfort and joy. HA! Whatever it takes. (There are No Rules!)

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