The 2nd & 3rd Characters: Kate and Lorraine

Kate and Lorraine are my grandmothers (Yay!) Many of you have reached out in suspense – you know who Cinderella is and you know who the Hobbit is, but WHO ARE KATE AND LORRAINE??? Well, they are my grandmothers, and I am so lucky to have witnessed their polar-opposite approach to making a happy home. They both influenced me greatly, and I’ve come to realize that their influence is with me Every. Single. Day. Every Single Day! I wish you could have experienced both women in the way I experienced them. I hope I can give you a flavor of each through this blog. Disclaimer: the imprint that their personalities and homes left on my impressionable childhood brain is more than likely not 100% accurate. But – the imagery they’ve formed in my mind’s eye is very, very special. Both possess an untouchable and enviable quality to their own version of a magic house. A mix of their qualities could quite possibly make the most delightful home that anyone could ever imagine.


Kate is a Maker. Think: Uber-talented-Martha Stewart-level-perfection in all things design, arts & crafts, entertaining and cooking. Kate is on trend. Kate is a talker. Kate is Air and Fire. Kate is spunky and dynamic and restless. You can’t keep up. Kate is shiny jewelry, a quick wit, and curling irons. Kate evokes action, arts & crafts supplies, wallpaper paste, bolts of fabric, knitting, needle work, cook books, canvas and paints, a glass of wine and the Tonight Show.

Pop Culture vibes.


Lorraine is a Teacher. Think: Alice-in-Wonderland meets Virginia Woolf meets Charlotte’s Web. Lorraine is classic, evergreen. Lorraine is a listener. Lorraine is Earth and Water. Lorraine is a bit dreamy yet calm and grounded. A mysterious depth. Lorraine is bare feet, an easy laugh, and all-natural swept-back hair. Lorraine evokes nature, books, crystals, imagination and wonder, piano music and a fireside game of scrabble.

Hippie-Librarian vibes.

I am endlessly inspired by both women.

The second post of each month will be dedicated to the essence of Kate: that bad-ass-ninja personality in all things interior design, crafting and homemaking. The third post of each month will be dedicated to Lorraine: exploring the unknown and unlocking the secrets of house magic with each of our (six) senses.

The magic of houses includes a healthy mix of both Kate and Lorraine: the seen and the unseen, the yin and the yang, and each of the elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

P.S. My dad’s mom’s name is Eleanor Katherine, and my mom’s mom’s name is Doris Lorraine. Ah-Ha, middle names - you see? For the purpose of this blog, they are Kate and Lorraine. 😉

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