The Four Characters

I mentioned in the first post that this is a blog about four characters (Cinderella, Kate & Lorraine, and the Hobbit) and how they’ve each opened a unique world of house-magic for me. Here’s what:

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog or a book or writing something for probably a decade now. I knew I had to write about the magic of houses. But I didn’t know how to articulate that until very recently. I struggled with it. For at least ten years now, ideas of how to approach the topic of houses has been flowing in and out, in and out, of my mind. Nothing stuck. Nothing moved me enough to sit at the computer and write. Because there was always MORE that I wanted to say. There was always conflict or that judgmental mean girl in my head that kept telling me “it’s not good enough”. For example, I could write about what I call “Design Delight”. Design Delight is the spark of joy I feel when I’m in spitting distance of anything related to housewares or decorating or interior design or just plain “wow!” beauty. I could write about that, but then I wouldn’t be writing about the wonders of house cleaning and organizing! I could write about house cleaning and organizing, but what about the mystery of Feng Shui and the energy of a home? And what about the comforts of home and how our home can be a magical place that serves us and our loved ones in all the ways we need it to? What about using your home for entertaining? What about decorating for the holidays? What about the kitchen, specifically? What about the closets and storage? What about the importance of a sacred space? What about the bathtub?? I was tortured. There are too many delicious things to write on the topic of houses, and I needed a focus.


It came.

It popped into my head that all of the amazing things I love about houses relate to something I’ve learned from one of four magical characters in my life: Cinderella, the Hobbit, Kate, or Lorraine.

Each character represents something profound and unique, so I can focus each blog post on a topic related to the essence of one of these four characters. BOOM!

Starting next week, I’ll post every Tuesday. Each month will have a theme with a total of four weekly posts on that theme. The 4 posts will rotate:

1. Cinderella: The joys of house cleaning

2. Kate: Fancy creativity and interior design

3. Lorraine: Hippie bohemian vibes

4. The Hobbit: The magical details of home

Okay, maybe this still makes no sense to you.

Just keep reading! 😊 See you Tuesday!

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