The magic of houses

This is a blog about the magic of houses. More specifically, this is a blog about four characters (Cinderella, Kate, Lorraine & the Hobbit) and how they’ve each opened a unique world of house-magic for me. (What?) Come back for future blog posts and everything will be explained. But for today I just want you to understand that I love houses because houses are magic, and if you can experience the true magic of your home, you will allow magic into all corners of your life.

I LOVE houses. My entire life, I’ve had a wild obsession with houses, but never turned it into any specific occupation. The energy I have for the topic of houses has just sort of swirled around all over the place without ever leaving me, but without ever landing. I could never narrow it down to be, like, a builder – or a house-flipper – or an architect – or an interior designer – or a housekeeper or a house cleaner – or a painter – or a wallpaper hanger – or a dollhouse builder – a treehouse builder - or a real estate agent – or a home stager … although I love the idea of every single one of those things! So – as the years have passed, I’ve been content admiring the houses in my personal life as well as admiring others’ houses from afar. At the same time, it always felt like my energy for the magic of houses was going to waste. I plowed through the years and tried not to think about it.

I moved out of my childhood home and on to college and got married and had kids and moved across the country and got divorced and moved back across the country and single-parented and eventually re-married and blended a family. As you can imagine, my life has involved a lot of different houses = a lot of different experiences at different stages of life in different kinds of houses with different kinds of housemates. The one thing that has remained constant is my love for the houses that have sheltered me in each unique season of life.

I love houses the way most people love their pets, or their best friend. To me, it has always been obvious that a house is a living being. Our house has a soul, it has a personality, it has feelings, and it has a purpose. Houses listen to us and speak to us. They literally and figuratively shelter us from the storm and often serve as our greatest protector. Our homes house our hopes and dreams. They receive us at the end of both triumphant and trying days. They help us celebrate our wins and they catch us and comfort us when we fall.

We can cultivate a meaningful relationship with our homes, or we can choose to ignore our homes. If we listen to our homes, our homes listen to us. If we nurture our homes, our homes nurture us. If we learn to uncover the magic in our homes, our homes will open a world of possibility for us to use in all areas of our lives. But if we ignore our homes and view them as basic sticks and stones, we miss out on their magic.

I’ve spent decades exploring the magic of houses and have finally reached the conclusion that I need to pour my energy for this topic onto the page and share what I’ve learned with you.

This is a blog about the magic of houses.

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